A Super Duty Landscaping Tool

Now you can quickly and efficiently remove rocks and debris from your soil without the need of manual raking. The Rockaway transforms your Skid-Steer Loader or Tractor into a rock rake allowing you to complete landscaping projects faster.



  1. Quickly and efficiently removes rocks and debris from soil without manual raking.
  2. Easy to install on skid-steer loader buckets and easy to remove – just two pins and two hoses.
  3. Spiral-mounted teeth pull material towards the center to help avoid dirt trails.
  4. Hardox steel teeth pulverize, aerate, level and condition the soil, while collecting and depositing rock and debris.
  5. Compact design takes up less trailer space than the competition.
  6. Installation and removal is a breeze due to its unique two pin and two hose design.
  7. Low maintenance with just two greaseable bearings and one #80 roller chain.
  8. Can be used with several different buckets if buckets are modified.
  9. Built for maximum strength and durability in the toughest soil conditions.
  10. An affordable landscaping tool for virtually any skid-steer loader and tractor.


Incredibly strong spiral-mounted Hardox steel teeth pulverize, aerate, level, and condition the soil, while collecting and depositing rock and debris. And, they pull material towards the center to help avoid dirt trails.


Super Duty Improvements:

  • A rubber protection flap now hangs 8” to 10” into the bucket.
  • The rotor shaft has been enlarged from 1 1/4” in diameter to 1 3/8” diameter with heavier duty, 1 3/8” bearings.
  • Rotor has been redesigned with a bolted hub for easy service.
  • Has a larger #80 drive sprockets and chain increased from #60 for added strength and longevity.
  • A stronger hood design with slotted holes and a solid steel center area was designed to reduce dust and add strength. Plus, hoses are now covered with protective material.
  • Tube frame has been increased 50% from 1/8” to 3/16” making it heavier for durability.
  • A 3/8”-thick front push bar has been added to increase strength and provide a wear area when pushing soil forward.
  • 3/16” stainless steel wear runners have been added to the bottom of both sides of the frame.


Rockaway Specifications

Bucket Widths 68” – 73.5 (1.73 (1.73m-1.87m) 78” – 83.5 (1.98-2.12m)
Companion Bucket 74CB 84CB
Working Width 73” (1.85m) 84” (2.13m)
Overall Width 79.5” 1.84m) 88” (2.24m)
Overall Length 46.5” (1.18) 46.5” (1.18)
Overall Width 21.5” (.55m) 21.5” (.55m)
Diameter (Overall) 12.5” (3.17mm) 12.5” (3.17mm)
Replaceable Teeth Durable Hardox Steel Durable Hardox Steel
Number of Teeth 74, in Spiral Pattern 84, in Spiral Pattern
Hydraulic Motor
Flow Required 12-30 GPM (45.4-75.7 LPM) 12-30 GPM (45.4-75.7 LPM)
Maximum Pressure 3,200 PSI (316.6 N.m) 3,200 PSI (316.6 N.m)
Chain #80 #80
Working 415 Lb. (118.2kg) 445 Lb. (1.88.2kg)
Shipping 570 Lbs. (258.5kg) 600 Lbs. (272.2kg)
Specifications are subject to changes without notice.

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