Ideal Rockaway 4415 Super Duty Rock Rake

Mini Landscape Rake

4415 Mini Landscape Rake

4415 Mini Landscape Rake: Overview Video

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The 4415 is Ideal Rockaways' smallest hydraulic landscaping rock rake. Sometimes referred to as our “Mini landscape rake”, the 4415 Super Duty still holds its own when compared to its larger counterparts the 7415 and Ideal Rockaway’s largest rock rake, the 8415.

This mini rock rake will pick up rocks from 2” to 8” just like the 7415 and the 8415 Rockaway rock rakes. Rockaway landscape rakes pull the rocks out of the soil that you would otherwise have to rake out by hand or pick up manually. Rockaways also condition and prepare the soil they’re pulling rocks out of.

As a mini landscape rake for stand-on skid steers, the 4415 Super Duty works great for Bobcats like the MT100 and for Dingo stand-on skid steers. If you have an unconventional attachment, Ideal can make a custom attachment plate for your order.

4415 Rockaway Mini Landscape Rake Benefits

  • 2" - 8" Rock Removal

    Reliably pull out rocks between 2" and 8" in diameter along with other unwanted debris.

  • Soil Conditioning

    The 4415 Mini Landscape Rake will condition your soil while it pulls out rocks and debris.

  • Super Duty Upgrades

    Thicker metals, reinforced frames, and upgraded rotor assemblies make them tougher than before.

  • Low Maintenance

    With only one rotor, the 4415 Rockaway is a much lower maintenance skid steer attachment than many of its competitors.

  • American Made

    Ideal Rockaway landscaping rock rakes are designed and built in Lancaster County, PA. True American manufacturing

4415 Mini Landscape Rake Specifications

MODEL 4415 - Super Duty

Bucket Width: 44" (1.12m)

Working Width: 44” (1.12m)
Overall Width: 50” (1.27m)
Overall Length: 58.5” (1.48m)
Overall Width: 22.5” (.57m)

Diameter (Overall): 13.25” (336.55mm)
Replaceable Teeth: Durable Hardox Steel
Number of Teeth: 44, in Spiral Pattern

Hydraulic Motor:
Flow Required: 10+ GPM (37.85 LPM)
Maximum Pressure: 3,200 PSI (316.6 N.m)

Chain: #80

Working:  850 lbs (385.5kg)
Shipping: 1,000 lbs (453.5kg)

4415 Mini Landscape Rake Images

As you can see in these images below, the 4415 Rockaway mini landscape rake attachment works great on a variety of stand on skid steers like Bobcat MT100s, Dingo Ditch Witches, Kubota skid steers, and soon 3-point tractor attachments as well! Ideal Rockaway exists to bring you the very best rock rake for your skid steer so that you can better serve your customers or take care of your property.

Our machines are built tough to work as hard as you do. True American manufacturing for more than 15 years, our Rockaway landscaping rock rakes won't disappoint you over time. You'll spend less time maintaining or fixing these rock rakes because of the high quality parts and simple design.