Durable. Rugged. Reliable.
2" - 8" Rock Removal and Soil Prep

Rock & Landscape Rake for Skid Steer and Tractors

  • Easy to use

  • Increases Jobsite Efficiency

  • American-made Durability

  • Easy to use

  • Increases Jobsite Efficiency

  • American-made Durability

Financing Rates AS LOW AS

  • 84" Rockaway - $179.54/Month For 60 Months

  • 74" Rockaway - $165.99/Month For 60 Months

  • 44" Rockaway - $145.11/Month For 60 Months


Can A Rockaway Stand Up To The Dirt Monkey?!

Rockaway Review: Stanley Dirt Monkey Tested!

We decided to put our Largest Rockaway rock rake to the ULTIMATE TEST and have Stanley Dirt Monkey review our attachment!

Watch his full, 25-minute review here to find out what Stanley thought of our skid steer rock rake. Stanley Genadek is a Minnesota-based contractor and social media creator. He is known for his honest and straightforward reviews of machines, attachments, tools, and more on his giant YouTube Channel with over 900,000 subscribers.

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Testing Rockaway In Arkansas: New Dealer Erickson Construction Demonstration

We're excited to welcome Erickson Construction to the Rockaway Dealer Network. They will primarily be serving Arkansas and Missouri dealing Rockaway landscape rakes.

Call John directly today if you're in Arkansas or Missouri to learn more or get a price: 870-736-6571

Check out our Dealer Page to locate the closest Rockaway Dealer to you or fill out a quote request form to get a free quote if there are no dealers in your area.

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Horse Arena Rock Rake Testing: Will Rockaways Work In Your Horse Arenas?

Will Rockaways work in your horse arenas to pull rocks out of your arena footing?

We've gotten a lot of questions this past year about using our Rockaways for horse arena rock removal. So, we got connected to the Columbia Riding Club to test our 7415 Rockaway and 4415 Rockaway for mini skid loaders to see how they would handle the stone dust.

Check out the video to see the results and submit a quote request form if you have rocks in your outdoor horse arena.

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Rockaways Remove 2"- 8" Rocks Every Time!

  • Durable Design

  • Rugged Construction

  • Reliable Performance

Get the rock rake attachment that's built to keep up with the hard work you do day in and day out.

Fewer moving parts mean fewer problems! Rockaways don't break down like other rock rake attachments thanks to the single rotor and #80 chain drive system. One rotor and one chain make operation simple and reliable.

You'll get more rock removal done with fewer problems using a Rockaway. Get your free quote or apply for financing today by clicking below!

The Skid Steer
Landscape Rake
That Gets The Job

The Skid Steer Landscape Rake That Gets The Job

Superior Rock Removal

All Rockaways pull out 2" to 8" rocks every time. Our landscape rakes get you superior rock removal.

Soil Screening & Conditioning

As Rockaways pull rocks out of the soil they also screen and condition the dirt. Leaving you with prepared soil ready for new seed or sod.

Low Profile Design

Rockaway landscape rakes are low-profile machines. This makes it easier for your operators to see what they are doing while using your Rockaway.

Low Maintenance Attachments

Fewer moving parts means fewer problems. We say this around the shop all the time, with one chain and one rotor you will spend less time fixing breakdowns and more time getting work done.

Hardox 450 Steel Rotor Teeth

Every Rockaway rotor is equipped with two sets of spiraled Hardox 450 steel teeth. Each tooth is individually welded for easy replacement. The spiral pattern of the teeth pulls all rocks and debris toward the center of the attachment and into the bucket.

1 Rock Rake Design: 3 Rockaway Sizes Available

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See Our Rock Rakes In Action!

Check out this video showcasing all 3 of IDEAL's Rockaway landscaping rock rakes. You can get a large 8415 rock rake, our standard 7415 74" rock rake, or our smallest rock rake the 4415.

All 3 Rockaways come with a standard quick-attach skid steer attachment plate but we offer custom attachment options and 3-point attachment options.

All of our rock rakes for skid steers and tractors are designed and built in the USA. You can count on Amish manufacturing and top-level performance from our skid steer attachments. Pull out rocks, condition the soil, and get more done with Rockaway rock rakes from IDEAL.

"The Rockaway unit has saved us so many man-hours in labor it paid for itself in 3 months. We
will be adding another one to our fleet this year."

Bill M.
Denver, CO

Getting An Efficient Landscape Rake Is Simple

  • 1

    A Quote

    We make sure your skid steer and machine have enough power and hydraulic flow to handle the Rockaway you want.

  • 2

    Your Order

    Once your purchase is completed, we start building your Rockaway.  If you order one in stock, we ship it in several business days.

  • 3

    Enjoy Easy & Efficient Soil Prep!

     You’ll love getting landscape and seed beds ready for planting!

Rock Rake Attachment Models Available

Why work with Rockaway

Why work with Rockaway

  • American-Made

    Rockaway Landscape Rakes are true American-made skid steer attachments. Sourced and built right here in Lancaster County, PA.

  • 1-Year Warranty

    Have peace of mind with your Rockaway backed with a 1-year warranty on any parts or problems.

  • Customer Service

    We make sure every customer is completely satisfied with their Rockaway skid steer rake. We're here to answer your questions.

"The Rockaway unit has saved us so many man-hours in labor it paid for itself in 3 months. We will be adding another one to our fleet this year."

"Rockaway has proven its value time and time again in our landscape operation. The quality and heavy-duty features of their unit are not found in a lot of our other landscaping tools. We have been running this unit hard for 2 years and have had zero problems. Thanks for a quality product - it’s refreshing!"

"We love our Rockaway, it does an awesome job at giving us a seed ready bed. The size of rocks it takes out of the dirt is amazing. We ran a competitor unit for years and it never picked up the rocks like the Rockaway unit does."

Still have questions about our
Landscape Rakes?

Still have questions about our
Landscape Rakes?

Our landscape and rock rakes work the soil approximately 1 inch deep per pass. It is possible with multiple passes to work down about 2 inches total.

Are you ready for the perfect landscape rake attachment for your skid steer or tractor?

As a lawn or landscape contractor, you don’t have time to waste with unnecessary manual labor, inefficient skid steer attachments, and clumsy rock removal tools.

Instead, you need an efficient rock removal tool that quickly attaches to your skid steer and gets your landscaping done.

Enjoy easy and efficient rock removal and dirt screening with the Rockaway!

It works with different types of machines and skid steers, including Bobcats, Kubota, John Deere, New Holland, Caterpillar, and more. It's also a great alternative to the Rockhound attachment as well!

The Rockaway Landscape Rake is an incredibly affordable, low maintenance, quality landscaping tool for virtually any skid steer loader and tractor. 

This Super Duty landscaping tool picks rocks when driving in reverse, and it also can be used to push and level dirt when moving forward. 

The Rockaway Landscape Rake’s low profile provides excellent visibility when attached to your tractor or skid-steer loader.

Every Rockaway rock comes equipped with its own dedicated bucket which is included in the price. 

This landscape rake is designed for years of trouble-free service because of its incredibly strong Hardox 450 steel teeth, only two bearings to grease, and one No. 80 roller chain.

With its compact design, it will take up less trailer space than the competition.

View the full Rockaway specs here, or check into renting a Rockway in the Lancaster, PA area.

You can speed up your dirt preparation process, save time and labor, improve job efficiency, and increase your profits with a Rockaway - the only landscape rake attachment you need!

What Should You Look For In A Landscape Rake Attachment?

Download and read our Rockaway Brochure to learn everything you need to know about Rockaway Landscape Rakes!