Rugged Landscape Rake For Rocks

Rockaway Landscape Rock Rakes

Rugged Landscape Rake For Rocks: Rockaway Landscape Rock Rake

Getting rocks out of the soil can be one of the most frustrating parts of any finishing job. Have you or your employees spent countless hours hand-raking lawns or using rock rakes that just don’t seem to get the job done? 

There are a number of landscape rakes for rocks on the market today and it’s hard to know which one is worth the investment. But you know there has to be a better way to clean and prepare the ground for new sod or seed without doing it all by hand, right?

Ideal Rockaway has been manufacturing some of the toughest, most rugged landscape rock rakes on the market since 2015. You’ve probably heard of Rockhounds before or Stone Dawgs by Quick Attach? Well, Rockaways are an alternative design option for you that performs the same work, removing rocks from the soil you’re working on!

How Does A Landscape Rock Rake Work?

Most Landscape rakes for rocks need to be operated the same way:

  • Hook up your rock rake attachment to your skid steer
  • Plant your attachment in the dirt
  • Activate the hydraulic tooth bars or rotor
  • Run your loader in reverse dragging your landscape rake across the ground

As you do this the teeth on your rock rake scarify the ground, condition the soil, and pull up rocks and roots that would otherwise be getting raked out by hand. 

Landscape rakes have to be built tough to stand up to the punishment of constantly digging up the ground. One of the reasons some rock rake designs break so often is the nature of the tough work they’re always doing and the other reasons are design and sub-optimal materials. 

At Ideal Rockaway we know how important it is for our customers to have a durable and reliable landscape rake so they spend less time fixing broken parts and more time getting their work done.


What Makes Rockaway’s Landscape Rakes For Rocks Different?


Rockaway landscape rakes for rocks and debris are designed differently than the traditional Rockhounds and Rock Dawgs you may already know about. The design of Rockaways falls somewhere in between a Rockhound and a Harley Rake or preparator. If you want to know more about all the different kinds of rock rakes check out our Complete Guide To Skid Steer Rock Rakes. We’re going to highlight what makes Rockaways different from other landscape rock rakes.

Rockaway’s Durable Design

Rockaway landscape rakes feature and durable and operator-friendly design. We manufacture both the buckets and the hoods of all our rock rakes in-house. And when they’re put together you get a low-profile landscaping rake that makes it easy for the operator to see what they’re doing. We even put a reinforced push bar on the front of the hood to help you level out small piles of dirt. 


Rockaway’s Rugged Construction

Ideal Rockaway offers a rugged construction that doesn’t break down or fall apart on the job site. Everything from the 3/16” steel wear runners on the bottom of the buckets and hoods to the Hardox 450 Steel rotor teeth to the reinforced frames set Rockaways apart as rugged rock removal attachments.


Rockaway’s Reliable Performance

There’s nothing worse than having your landscape rock for rocks break down on the job site. Rockaways have superior reliable performance over some other landscape rake designs. We like to say, “Fewer moving parts means fewer problems”. Rockaways only use one #80 chain with one rotor to get the job done. They are simple and effective skid steer attachments that won’t cause you headaches from constantly breaking down. And the beefy #80 chain that we use is protected under a durable steel chain guard.


Superior Soil Conditioning

The secondary function of most landscape rakes for rocks is soil preparation or conditioning. Basically, you get all your rocks out of the dirt and then instead of raking before you seed or lay down new sod the soil is already prepared. Rockaways have a ported front hood that allows most of the dirt to be filtered back out through the porting on the front of the hood. This leaves you with a nice fluffy layer of soil on top of your project that is ready without additional time raking. 


Rockaway Landscape Rock Rake Pros And Cons

At this point you’re probably thinking that there has to be a catch, right? There’s no way that a Rockaway is superior IN EVERY WAY to the more traditional Rockhounds and Rock Dawgs available on the market! 

There’s ONE THING that you can argue Rockhounds and Rock Dawgs do that Rockaways don’t, they can pick up smaller rocks. Rockhounds and Rock Dawgs are rated to pick up rocks as small as ¾” and Rockaways start picking up rocks at 2”. Yes, this is a difference in size but ¾” rocks aren’t going to prevent you from seeding or laying down new sod. Because of the teeth size and spacing on a Rockaway those tiny rocks usually slip through the gaps. But even with this difference in the size of rocks they can pick up Rockaways do an amazing job of preparing land for new seeding or sod. 


Ready To Get Your Landscape Rock Rake From Ideal Rockaway?

All you have to do is give us a call or fill out a quote request form to get your free quote on a Rockaway landscape rock rake. Every problem has a solution and we do our best to make sure that our Rockaway rock rakes are the durable, rugged, and reliable solution to your rock removal frustrations. Call us or contact us today to start a conversation, we can’t wait to work with you!