Rockaway Screening Bucket Upgrade

Landscape Rake With Screening Bucket

Rockaway Rock Screening Rake Upgrade

One of the most frustrating problems with landscaping rakes for skid steers is that you often end up with more than just rocks in the bucket when you're done operating. You end up with extra dirt and after you dump your bucket a few times you have nice big pile of dirt and the rocks and debris you churned out of your job site.

Enough customers asked us last year if we had a screening bucket option for our rock rakes so we decided to make one. Now you can order a Rockaway with a rock screening bucket to sift out a lot of that extra dirt you end up with when your bucket is full. You can even order a landscape rake screening bucket for a Rockaway you bought in the past. Contact us today about getting a screening bucket attachment for your Rockaway or upgrading your order to a rock rake with a screening bucket.


Testing The New Rock Rake With Screening Bucket

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Want to know how our landscape rakes with upgraded screening buckets work? We tested our new Rockaway screening bucket out on a construction site that's been in production for over a year.

We wanted to know exactly how the new sifting bucket for a skid steer would operate on a real construction site with real rocky soil. You can check it out here and watch us use the screening bucket on one of our 7415 Rockaways to sift out a lot of dirt from the bucket after making multiple passes.

How The New Landscape Rake With Screening Bucket Works

How does the new Rockaway Screening Bucket upgrade actually work? It's a mechanical bucket meaning that it does not have any hydraulics or moving parts. There are some notable features of the new rock screening rake bucket that you should know about to understand how it will help you get your work done better. There are many different styles of landscaping rock rakes on the market today for skid steers but Rockaway is the only one currently with an integrated screening bucket.

Screen Out Unwanted Dirt

One of the biggest challenges with any landscape rake you can find on the market today is that you're always going to end up with SOME dirt in your bucket. Then when you go to dump the rocks you've collected you end up with a pile that needs to be sifted out. The new Rockaway Screening Bucket upgrade allows you to sift your bucket contents to keep more of that dirt where it belongs on your job site.


Reinforced Bucket Design

If you're wondering about the integrity of the new screening bucket option because we cut a ton of holes in it, don't worry. We made sure to reinforce it properly underneath. We also took into consideration how many screening holes we could safely add while making sure the bucket is still rugged and durable like the rest of the Rockaway.


3/4" Diamond-Shaped Openings

We went with diamond-shaped openings that are all 3/4" corner to corner to allow plenty of loose dirt to sift out of the bucket. By using a diamond shape instead of a regular circle we were actually able to get more openings into the design of the bucket without sacrificing the strength and durability of the bucket.


Keep The Rocks In And Screen The Dirt Out

We know that there's no PERFECT landscaping rock rake out there, not even ours. But with the new Rockaway sifting bucket upgrade, you will be able to leave more dirt on your job site for your seed beds. Keep the rocks in and screen the dirt out with the new Rockaway landscape rake with screening bucket.


Screening Bucket Upgrade For Any Size Rockaway

You can get a screening bucket for any size Rockaway. You can order a brand new Rockaway Landscaping Rock Rake and choose to upgrade your order to a screening bucket unit.

You can also order a screening bucket for a Rockaway you already own. It doesn't matter if you have a 4415 mini landscape rake or a full-sized 8415 Rockaway. All you have to do is unpin your solid bucket and pin on your new screening bucket to your Rockaway hood and you're good to go.