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American-Made Skid Steer Power Rakes

American-Made Skid Steer Power Rakes

2" to 8" Rock Removal Every Time!

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American-made skid steer power rakes from Ideal Rockaway are some of the best power rock rakes available on the market today. Getting the right skid steer power rake is vital to improving the efficiency of your business and the quality of your work. We all know how tedious and frustrating rock removal and soil conditioning can be on any job site. Rockaway power rakes will make your job easier with their durable design and few moving parts that cut down on maintenance and service time.

The Rockaway skid steer power rakes have been a strong market competitor for the past 20 years. Ideal Manufacturing acquired Rockaway in 2015 and since then, Ideal Rockaway has been manufacturing and improving on these rock rakes for skid steers and tractors. We make some of the best hydraulic power rakes for skid steers you can find. A combination of tough materials and simplistic design make these skid loader attachments great additions to any company.





3 Skid Steer Power Rakes For Sale

Ideal Rockaway Rock Rakes

Ideal Rockaway skid steer power rakes come in three different sizes. Our 8415SD is our largest rock rake at 84” wide. Our 7415SD is our next size down at 74” wide and the 4415SD is our smallest or mini skid steer power rake that works well with stand-on skid steers and it is 44” wide.

Every unit is built with the same durable, high-quality materials including rake rotor teeth made from Hardox steel. Skid loader power rakes from Ideal Rockaway will save you time on the job site. The straightforward, low-maintenance design makes them easy and fast to service leaving you more time to cruise through soil preparation.


Large Skid Steer Power Rakes For Sale - 8415SD

Key Specs

  • Hardox Steel Teeth: 81
  • Working Width: 84 inches
  • Flow Required: 10+ GPM
  • Bucket Capacity: 15-16 square feet
  • Attachment Weight: 1,200 LBS (Empty)

If you’re on the market for a large skid steer power rake for sale then you want to go with one of our 8415’s. They are our largest skid steer power rake model and at 84 inches wide, you’ll cover the most ground in a single pass. They also feature the largest collection bucket so you can work longer in between dumping.


Mid-Sized Skid Steer Power Rakes For Sale - 7415SD

Key Specs

  • Hardox Steel Teeth: 69
  • Working Width: 74 inches
  • Flow Required: 10+ GPM
  • Bucket Capacity: 13-14 square feet
  • Attachment Weight: 1,000 LBS (Empty)

The 7415 Rockaway skid steer power rake is the mid-sized attachment that we have for sale. This is a great piece of equipment if you don’t quite need our largest model but the 4415 would be much too small. The 7415 is still going to cover a 6 foot wide span at once making it a very effective power rake option.


Mini Skid Steer Power Rakes For Sale - 4415SD

Key Specs

  • Hardox Steel Teeth: 41
  • Working Width: 44 inches
  • Flow Required: 8+ GPM
  • Bucket Capacity: 7-8 square feet
  • Attachment Weight: 800 LBS (Empty)

If you’re looking for a mini skid steer power rake for sale then check out our 4415 Super Duty. The 4415 is the smallest power rake made by Ideal Rockaway. Measuring only 44” wide this is a perfect attachment for stand-on or walk-behind skid steer loaders.

4 Rockaway Skid Steer Power Rake Uses:

Ideal Rockaway skid loader rock rakes can do more than just pull rocks out of the soil. Here’s a quick list below of other things you will be able to do with your skid steer power rake from Ideal Rockaway.

1. Easy Rock Removal

Rockaway power rakes easily remove rocks from the soil you are working on clearing and conditioning. Rocks ranging in diameter from 2 inches to 8 inches will be removed by our rock rakes.

3. Soil Grading And Leveling

Skid steer power rakes from Ideal Rockaway can also be used to grade and level an area. An experienced operator will be able to level and grade the soil of their excavation after cleaning our debris and rocks with our attachment pieces.

2. Superior Soil Preparation

Not only will our skid loader attachments pull rocks for you but they will also condition the soil nicely as they go along. The front grill of our skid steer power rakes filter out the dirt while keeping the rocks that you are pulling up. After using a Rockaway the soil will be well-prepared for seeding.

4. Pushing Dirt

We’ve designed the front grill of our rock rakes to also push dirt for you. Maybe after you’ve pulled out all the rocks you want to move some dirt around? You won’t have a problem pushing earth with Rockaway rock rakes.

What Skid Steers Do Rockaway Power Rakes Work With?


Rockaway power rakes work on any skid steer or tractor that has a standard skid steer attachment configuration. In addition to the standard attachment option for loaders Rockaway skid steer power rakes can also be set up with a custom loader attachment to accommodate your specific needs. Just let us know if you need something other than one of the below standard attachment configurations like a custom mount for a Dingo loader or walk-behind Bobcat.

Getting Your New Rockaway Is Simple

  • 1

    A Quote

    We make sure your skid steer and machine have enough power and hydraulic flow to handle the Rockaway you want.

  • 2

    Your Order

    Once your purchase is completed, we start building your Rockaway.  If you order one in stock, we ship it in several business days.

  • 3

    Enjoy Easy & Efficient Soil Prep!

     You’ll love getting landscape and seed beds ready for planting!

Rockaway Skid Steer Power Rake Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Rockaway skid steer power rakes. If you have questions that are not answered here please feel free to call us or fill out a contact form and ask us your questions that way. We would be happy to answer them for you.

Our landscape and rock rakes work the soil approximately 1 inch deep per pass. It is possible with multiple passes to work down about 2 inches total.