Popular Rock Rake Brands 2022

Say you need a new piece of equipment for your business. 

You probably start by googling whatever you need—for example, a pull-behind rock rake for your farm or landscaping business. 

The result is normally about a million different brands, models, and types of rock rakes for tractors and skid steers. Then you have to sift through the overwhelming amount of options, wondering which of them are good and which one would fit your needs. 

We understand that feeling of complete overload! You don’t have the time or energy to research all those brands. 

Today, Ideal Rockaway has done some of the sifting for you and put together a list of some of the most popular rock rake brands.

Want to find out what they are? 

Let’s get started! 

Table of Contents

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    1. What Is A Rock Rake?
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    2. Five Popular Rock Rake Brands 2022

What Is A Rock Rake?

Before we explore rock rake brands, let’s define what we mean when we talk about this machine. 

A rock rake, also known as a landscape rake, is a machine that helps you de-rock and level ground for planting or landscaping. 

You often pull a rock rake behind a tractor or attach it to the front of a skid steer. Some rock rakes run off the hydraulic system of the machinery you attach them to, and some are simply large rakes you pull behind equipment.  

Landscape rakes come with numerous benefits, especially if your work involves a lot of soil prep. 

A few benefits that come with a rock rake include: 

  • You save time and money 
  • You save labor 
  • You maximize your equipment by enabling it to do more 
  • Your business runs more efficiently 

The end result of these benefits is that you are able to increase your profits and grow your business! 


What to look for in a rock rake

Everyone wants to make a good investment when they buy a piece of equipment. Here are a few key features you should look for in a good rock rake

  • Easy dumping - If your rock rake collects rocks in a bucket, it should be easy to dump so you don’t waste a lot of time. 
  • Easy attachment - The quicker and easier your rake is to attach, the more time you’ll save. 
  • Provides good visibility - Whenever you are using a piece of equipment, you want to be able to see what is going on around you for safety reasons. 
  • Quality materials - A rock rake needs to be able to stand up to a rigorous life! Make sure it’s made from quality materials. 
  • Fits your skid steer or tractor - If your rake doesn’t fit your larger equipment, it’s useless to you, so make sure the model of rake you choose is compatible with your tractor or skid steer. 
  • Simple and low maintenance - More technology isn’t always better! Sometimes simple means less maintenance and less chance of something going wrong, especially for equipment that takes a beating, like a rock rake.  
  • Compact design - The more efficient and compact your rock rake is, the less space it takes up in your trailers and storage facilities. 

These are features that it’s useful for every rock rake to have, but beyond these, there are lots of different types of rock rakes that are useful for various purposes.

For example, hydraulic rock rakes often sift the soil more finely while also tilling it up, whereas pull-behind rock rakes drag through the soil and collect large stones and debris into piles but don’t sift and remove small chunks or aerate the soil. Hydraulic rakes are better for prepping areas your want to churn up, whereas pull-behind rakes are better for raking areas you don’t want to disturb too much. 

What kind of rock rake you need depends on what you want to accomplish.


5 Popular Rock Rake Brands 2022

When you buy a piece of equipment, you want to make sure it’s a good investment, not a tool that disappoints you.  

But with all the different advertisements online, it is so hard to know what is good and what is not! 

What specific type or model of landscape rake you need depends on your unique situation. In the following list, we included a few of the most popular brands of rock rakes on the market. Each of these brands has different models of rakes you can look at to determine which one is best for you. 

1. Ideal Rockaway

Ideal Rockaway Manufactures unique landscape rakes that accomplish several tasks at once. Here’s how it works: 

The Ideal Rockaway landscape rake attaches easily to your skid steer and runs off the hydraulic system. It has a spinning rotor that gathers rocks and dumps them into a bucket while simultaneously tilling and aerating the dirt. It leaves a path of clean, smooth, aerated soil behind, saving you a lot of backbreaking work! 

Ideal Rockaway rakes come in several different sizes for different sizes of skid steers. There are three different sizes: 

  • A 44” wide model for tiny tractors or walk-behind equipment. 
  • A standard 74” width model. 
  • An extra large 84” width model. 

Ideal Rockaway rakes are incredibly versatile and efficient at getting several jobs done at once and can save you a lot of time, money, and hard work! They offer a lot of bang for your buck. 

Want to learn more? Watch this video to see the Ideal Rockaway rake in action.


2. King Kutter 

One of the most sought-after landscape rake brands on the market, King Kutter also manufactures other equipment and attachments.  

King Kutter’s rakes differ from Ideal Rockaway rakes in that they are not hydraulic. They are simply like a giant leaf rake with tough metal tines that you can attach to your tractor and drag across the ground. 

King Kutter rakes do not actually remove sticks and rocks from the dirt or till up the soil, but they are perfect for gathering large debris into piles you can easily pick up. You can use them as a first pass to get the large debris and then go over the area again with a rock rake that sifts things more finely, like the Rockaway. 

One advantage of simpler rock rakes like King Kutter rakes is that they involve less technology that could break or malfunction. On the other hand, they don’t till or aerate the soil like the Rockaway, and it takes time to go back and pick up all those piles of debris. 

Here are a few customer reviews for King Kutter. 

3. Titan Attachments 

Another popular attachment manufacturer, Titan Attachments, offers various products, from landscape rakes to skid steer grapples. 

The rakes Titan Attachments manufactures are similar in design to King Kutter rakes, only some of them attach to a transformer tow frame and not straight to a tractor or skid steer. This can be a drawback because you need to buy the tow frame as well as the rake. 

However, like King Kutter rakes, Titan Attachment rakes do not have a lot of complicated gadgets that could break or malfunction, which means they should not take too much maintenance.


Here are some customer reviews for one of Titan Attachment’s rakes. 

4. TerraClear 

The TerraClear rock picker is a pretty advanced rock picker. Here is how the machine works: 

The TerraClear rock picker attaches to your skid steer and runs off its hydraulics. It has a bucket and an arm in front with a spinning conveyor. The spinning conveyor flings the rocks into the bucket. The operator can maneuver the rock picker around and selectively pick up large stones. 

It could save you a lot of work if you have a field with large rocks scattered all over it! 

You can see a video of the rock picker in action on the TerraClear website. You will also find some reviews there. 

One drawback of the TerraClear rock picker is that it does not till or level soil while removing rocks. It is more specifically suited to selectively picking up large, solitary stones.  

5. Spartan Equipment 

Spartan Equipment offers various attachments for tractors, excavators, and skid steers. Among these are several different landscape rakes similar to Ideal Rockaway rakes. 

Like Rockaway rakes, Spartan rakes clean, till, and aerate the soil and leave it smooth for planting. 

You can find testimonials about Spartan Equipment landscape rakes on their website.


The bottom line on rock rakes 

So what is the best type of landscape rake? 

That is a tricky question because it depends on your situation and needs. If you need a versatile rake that accomplishes a lot of tasks at once and leaves your ground ready for planting, the Ideal Rockaway would be your best bet for saving time and money. 

If you need to pile up a lot of large debris quickly, maybe a King Kutter rake or Titan Attachments rake would be better. 

Or, if you have a large field with solitary rocks scattered around, a TerraClear rake could be best for you. 

These are a few common landscape rake brands, but that is not to say there aren’t other good ones out there. We hope you find one that is just right for you!  


There you have it—five of the most common and popular brands of landscape rakes. 

We hope this article helps you cut through some of the fluff and advertisements and eliminates some of your confusion about landscape rakes. 

If you want to purchase a versatile rock rake today, contact us at Ideal Rockaway. Ordering your Rockaway rake is easy: 

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