Harley Rakes VS Rockaway Landscape Rakes: Full Comparison Guide

Harley Rakes Vs Rockaway Landscape Rakes

Both Harley Rakes and Rockaways fall into the broad category of Skid Steer Power Rakes. On the surface, it can get kind of confusing trying to figure out what all the different landscape rake attachments do. We’re breaking it all down for you in this Harley Rake Vs Rockaway Landscape Rake Comparison Guide!

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We’re going to answer the questions of what a Harley Rake does, talk about the differences between Harley Power Rakes and Rockaway landscape rakes, and go over a pros and cons list for both attachments. If you want to learn more about all the other attachments that fall into the landscape rake category check out our blog on 11 Different Landscaping Rock Rakes by clicking here.

Harley Rakes vs Rockaway Landscape Rakes, which is better? Harley Power Rakes are very popular skid steer attachments. They are popular with landscapers and contractors that do a lot of dirt work. But how do they stack up against Rockaway landscape rakes? Is one skid steer attachment better than the other? Can a Harley Rake do things a Rockaway can’t do? Let’s find out!

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What Is The Purpose Of A Harley Rake?

The purpose of a Harley rake is to break up ground, level and grade difficult terrain, re-grade roads and driveways, and prepare the ground for sod or grass seed. Harley Rakes are popular and durable landscaping and construction attachments used by contractors. While preparing the ground, Harley Rakes also churn up rocks and debris and windrow them to the side.


What Does A Harley Rake Do?

Harley Rakes break up the ground, windrow debris and rocks, and prepare dirt for new sod or grass seed. Harley Rakes are very effective for breaking up tough ground and conditioning the soil. They are made with a large roller drum covered in durable studs that are designed to break up tough ground. Harley Rakes have two tires on the front that serve to help steer the attachment and also adjust the height of the drum roller. This allows for effective ground preparation and road and driveway grading or leveling.


What Is The Difference Between A Landscape Rake And A Harley Rake?

The main difference between a landscape rake and a Harley rake is that a landscape rake collects rocks and debris into a bucket and a Harley rake does not. The other most notable difference between landscaping rock rakes and Harley Rakes is that Harley Rakes can be used to grade roads and driveways on an angle and landscape rakes can not.

Harley power rakes and Rockaway landscape rakes break up the ground and churn out rocks and debris from the soil, preparing it for new grass seed or sod installation. Both skid steer attachments are fairly aggressive and effective at preparing soil. Rockaways will collect all the rocks and debris into an attached bucket which makes cleanup easier and faster. Harley rakes windrow all the debris and rocks off to one side where it can be cleaned up or raked out later on in the lawn finishing process.

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Will A Harley Rake Remove Grass?

Yes, a Harley Rake can remove grass. Harley Rakes are commonly used to prepare for sod installation or new grass seed. If you have a yard that has sparse grass and needs to be graded and conditioned before new sod or grass seed is spread then a Harley Rake can be a great tool for the job.


Will A Landscape Rake Remove Grass?

Not all Landscape Rakes are designed to remove grass. A Rockaway landscape rake has rows of hardened Hardox steel teeth that do a good job of chewing up old grass and roots before new sod installation or grass seeding. Rockaway landscape rakes will remove grass and condition the soil leaving a new seed bed for planting.


How Deep Can A Harley Rake Go?

You can adjust how deep a Harley Rake can go. Some Harley Rakes have to be adjusted manually and some are hydraulic and their depth can be adjusted with a switch. Harley Rakes can go as deep as 5 or 6 inches but most people seem to say that cutting 3 to 4 inches deep with your Harley Rake will get the job done.


How Deep Can A Landscape Rake Go?

Landscape Rakes are primarily used for rock and debris removal and soil separation before seeding or installing new sod. They can also be used for some grading and leveling work. Different landscape rake models can be adjusted to go to different depths. A Rockaway landscape rake can go as deep as 1 inch per pass on the ground. With multiple passes, you may be able to cut down as deep as 3 inches.


Is A Harley Rake Or Landscape Rake Better For Rock Removal?

Is a Harley Rake or a Rockaway landscape rake better for rock removal? Rockaway landscape rakes are better for rock removal because they actually collect and remove rocks from the soil as they work. Rockaways also have longer teeth on their roller drums that do a better job of digging rocks out of the dirt. Harley rakes are great at pulverizing the ground and churning everything but when it comes to actually removing the rocks, Rockaways are better.


Harley Rakes Vs Rockaway Landscape Rakes: Pros And Cons

Let’s break down the pros and cons of Harley Rakes and Rockaway Rock Rakes. There is a lot of crossover between the function of Rockaway landscaping rakes and Harley power rakes but they aren’t exactly the same in their function and best applications. We’ll compare the similarities and the differences. There are times when a Harley Rake would be the better investment for a business and times when a Rockaway landscape rake would be the better investment.

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Harley Rake Pros:

  • Manual or hydraulic depth adjustment
  • Durable roller drum for breaking up tough ground
  • Excellent for grading and leveling driveways and roads
  • Robust attachment that functions well in forward or reverse operation
  • Good for churning up debris and rocks and windrowing off to the side
  • Good for soil preparation

Harley Rake Cons:

  • Does not collect rocks and debris leaving them to be cleaned up later
  • Roller drum studs are short and don’t dig as far into the ground
  • Can be expensive attachments depending on the model you select

Rockaway Landscape Rake Pros:

  • Automatically collects rocks and debris that is churned out of the soil
  • Longer, more aggressive rotor teeth dig more rocks and debris out of the ground
  • Longer rotor teeth effectively break up dry, tough ground
  • Ported front hood for extra soil conditioning 
  • Levels and grades your job site as it is back-dragging

Rockaway Landscape Rake Cons:

  • No depth adjustment
  • Doesn’t work well for grading driveways and roads
  • Needs to be operated in reverse for the best results

Harley Power Rakes Vs Rockaway Landscape Rakes

So, which is better, a Harley Power Rake or a Rockaway Landscape Rake? Now we know what a Harley rake does vs what a Rockaway landscape rake does. It comes down to your application of what you want to use the attachment for.

If you do a lot of grading and leveling and need something tough and aggressive for those kinds of jobs then a Harley Rake is probably going to be most useful to you. If you do a lot of landscaping, sod installation, and new grass seeding then a Rockaway landscape rake is probably going to be your best option.


The best way to tackle this question of Harley power rakes vs Rockaway landscape rakes comes down to job application. What are you primarily going to use the attachment for? If you’re mostly installing sod and grass seed and revitalizing landscape projects then a Rockaway is probably going to work better for you in the long run. If you’re doing a lot of work with roads and gravel driveways and cleaning up rocks and debris isn’t a problem for you then a Harley rake is probably your better option. Both are great attachments to use, there’s a decent amount of crossover use between the two, and one isn’t clearly better than the other in all contexts. Contact us today for information on a Rockaway power rake.

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