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Looking for the best landscape rakes for skid steers and tractors in New York? Rockaway landscape rakes have been around since 2002! In 2015 Ideal Manufacturing bought Rockaway, made some updates and improvements to the design and has been making them ever since. Rockaway landscape rakes are a great alternative to skid steer attachments like Harley Rakes and Rockaways are a direct competitor to Rockhound landscape rakes that most people are familiar with. If you need a rugged and reliable rock rake in NY then Rockaways are what you're looking for.

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In 2023 we put our New York landscape rakes to the ultimate test by sending one to be tested and reviewed by Stanley The Dirt Monkey. Stanley Genadek is a landscape contractor and famous equipment reviewer from Minnesota. He's known for being brutally honest and straightforward about how good or bad a piece of equipment is. Watch his review now to find out what he thought of our largest rock rake attachment.

Ideal Rockaway offers 3 sizes of Landscape Rock Rakes for New York in one trusted design. The 4415 is our mini rock rake for stand-on skid steers, the 7415 is our 6ft wide landscaping rock rake, and the 8415 is our largest 7ft wide rock rake. No matter the size of your skid loader, there is a Rockaway rock rake that is right for you.

Why Rockaways Are Best New York Landscape Rakes

  • 2" - 8" Rock Removal

  • Soil Conditioning

  • Hardox Steel Rotor Teeth

  • Low Maintenance Attachment

  • American Made Equipment


3 Rock Rake Sizes Available In NY

3.5 ft Rockaway Landscape Rake

If you're looking for a small landscape rock rake in NY, then a 4415 from Ideal Rockaway is what you need. The 4415 is Ideal Rockaway's mini landscaping rock rake. It is identical in design and function to the larger rock rakes from Ideal Rockaway but is made for stand-on skid steers like Bobcat MT100s, Toro Dingos, Ditch Witches, and other small skid loaders.


6 ft Rockaway Landscape Rake

The 7415 is Ideal Rockaway's 6ft wide landscape rock rake available in New York from multiple dealers. The 7415 is perfect for contractors and landscapers with wheel loaders that are not wider than 70 inches. The 7415 rock rake is 74 inches wide, or 6ft, and will cover your tracks perfectly. You can easily pull out 2-inch to 8-inch rocks and condition the soil for sod or new grass seed. Whether you're running Bobcat, Kubota, or another type of loader a 7415 will fit your skid steer.


7 ft Rockaway Landscape Rake

The 8415 from Ideal Rockaway is our largest landscaping rock rake for NY contractors and landscapers. This skid steer rock rake attachment will reliably pull out 2-inch to 8-inch rocks and prepare your soil for new grass seed or sod. All three New York landscape rake models are designed exactly the same to work as hard as you do and stand up to regular use.


What Makes Rockaway Landscape Rakes Different From Other Landscaping Rakes In NY?


1. Porting on the front of the hood leads to superior soil conditioning.


2. Thick, Hardox 450 Steel Rotor Teeth Aggressively chew up the ground and remove rocks and debris.


3. Rockaways operate off of one #80 chain making them lower maintenance than other rock rakes.

Rockaway Dealers In New York State

Connect with the Rockaway New York Landscape Rock Rake Dealer closest to you. Ideal Rockaway is actively expanding our dealer network. We have Dealers in PA, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Indiana, Montana, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Arkansas. Find the closest dealer to you on our dealer page or if you have a business and would like to become a Rockaway dealer you can fill out a dealer application form.

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