Top 10 Mini Skid Loaders: Complete Guide To Mini Skid Steer Loaders

In the world of landscaping, excavating, and contracting there are LOTS of options when it comes to choosing a mini skid loader or loaders to use.

Whether you rent mini skid loaders from time to time or choose to invest in buying mini skid loaders for your business it’s still overwhelming to figure out what mini skid loader is the best.

We’ve researched and built a list of the Top 10 Best Mini Skid Loaders that are available on the market today. There are so many different manufacturers and brands we’re not going to touch on all of them but stick to 10 of the major players you could consider.

What Is A Mini Skid Loader?

What is a mini skid loader? A mini skid loader is a piece of equipment for moving things that are too heavy for humans to carry. They accomplish tasks on a job site like digging, grading, rock removal, stump removal, brush cutting, sweeping, pushing, carrying, and much more. 

Most mini skid loaders can perform the same tasks as a full-sized skid steer but on a smaller scale with a smaller weight capacity. Mini skid steers are smaller, narrower, and lighter than a full-sized loader and are more affordable. They maneuver in smaller spaces and can often fit through backyard fence gates so they are great pieces of equipment for landscape contractors.

What Is A Mini Track Loader?

A mini track loader is a mini skid steer loader that has tracks instead of wheels for moving around. Mini-track loaders are compact machines designed to operate different types of skid steer attachments. Mini-track loaders are arguably more popular than mini-wheel loaders. Companies like Bobcat, Toro Dingo, Ditch Witch, Vermeer, Barreto, and others make lots of different mini-track loader options for their customers. Tracks are easier on lawns than wheels so they have become very popular.

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    Toro Dingo
  • ditch-witch-mini-skid-loader-sk1550-with-rockaway-rock-rake-attachment
    Ditch Witch
  • bobcat-mini-skid-loader-operating-rockaway-rock-rake-attachment
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    Wacker Neuson
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The Top 10 Most Popular Mini Skid Loaders

Like we’ve said already, there are lots of different manufacturers making mini skid steers but we are going to highlight 10 of the most popular manufacturers of stand-on skid steer loaders. We’re going to look at Bobcat mini loaders, Kubota, Toro Dingo, Ditch Witch, Vermeer, Barreto, Whacker, KRT, Ramrod, and Bauma Light. All these companies/brands are putting out awesome mini skid steers that many contractors and landscapers are using and enjoying. Keep reading to learn more about each one.

American-Made Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Canadian-Made Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Toro Dingo Mini Skid Steer Loaders

The Toro company has developed its own line of mini skid loaders known as Dingos. Toro Dingo mini loaders are very popular, American-made wheel and track loaders. Depending on the model you choose it may be a wheel loader or a track loader. Toro even has an electric mini skid loader, the eDingo! You can learn more about Toro’s mini lineup by checking out our Toro Dingo blog.

Toro Dingo TX 1000

Toro Dingo’s 1,000 lb rated machine is the TX 1000 skid steer track loader. Using the 81” hinge pin height allows operators to clear one-ton trucks and 30-yard dumpsters with ease. The TX 1000 truly is a remarkable machine with great capabilities to offer its operators.

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Ditch Witch Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Ditch Witch is another well-known company that makes mini skid loaders. Ditch Witch offers six different mini stand-on skid steers including their latest model, the SK1750 that is slated for production in 2024. Their smallest unit is the SK600 which has a 600 lb operating capacity. The SK1750, once officially on the market, will be the largest of their mini skid steer lineup with an operating capacity of 1,824 lbs.

Ditch Witch SK1050

The first mini skid loader from Ditch Witch that is rated for over 1,000 lbs of operating capacity is the SK1050. The SK1050 from Ditch Witch is rated for 1,062 lbs according to their online specifications PDF and it weighs 3,435 lbs when full of fluid with no attachment. (Pictured below is a Ditch Witch SK1550 we rented and used to demo our 4415 Rockaway mini skid loader rock rake.)


Bobcat Mini Skid Steer Loaders

You’ve almost definitely heard of Bobcat loaders before, they’re one of the most well-known makers of construction and landscaping equipment. What’s interesting is that when Bobcat designed their mini skid loaders they made them with a completely unique attachment plate. This means that Bobcat mini loaders won’t be able to connect and use an attachment from another manufacturer without a special adapter plate. Most of if not all the other available stand-on mini skid loaders have the same style attachment plate. 

Bobcat MT100

The Bobcat MT100 is rated for a 1,000 lb operating capacity. It is one of the most well-known stand-on skid steers in the industry. The Bobcat MT100, according to Bobcat’s website, is 35.6 in wide and weighs 3,390 lbs.


Vermeer Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Everyone may not be AS familiar with Vermeer as they are with Bobcat or Dingo but Vermeer makes a very nice “family” of mini skid loaders. They do range in size and power but they feature the “universal” attachment plate like many other mini loaders do. You can learn lots more about Vermeer loaders from this informational PDF they have on their website.

Vermeer CTX100

Vermeer’s 1,000 lb rated mini skid steer loader is the CTX100. It is rated to handle 1,035 lbs and it weighs in at 3,400 lbs with no attachment. It’s one of their five mini skid steer models and the second-largest loader available from their lineup. 

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Kubota Mini Skid Steer Loader

Kubota is in the mini skid steer loader game with their SCL1000 mini track loader. Kubota specializes in compact excavators, track loaders (full-sized), skid steer loaders (full-sized), wheel loaders, and tractors and backhoes. The SCL1000 is Kubota’s only stand-on mini loader but it holds its own with the reputable history of the Kubota company and their many other products that are tested and trusted.

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Barreto Mini Skid Steer Loader

You may have never heard of Barreto before but they’ve been around since the early 80s. They started out as a company manufacturing all-hydraulic tillers and trenchers and now offer a number of equipment lines including a stand-on track loader, the 825TKL. Barreto’s 825TKL isn’t the biggest mini skid steer loader on the market but it seems to be a great model designed with the end user in mind. The 825TKL has a rated operating capacity of 800 lbs and features articulated rollers on the track design to help operators navigate tricky terrain.

Barreto 825TKL

Barreto’s only mini skid loader machine is the 825TKL. Their unit doesn’t quite reach the 1,000 lb operating capacity but it is rated to handle up to 800 lbs. Barreto offers great features like their cab-over design that allows owners easy access to the internals for maintenance and repairs. Barreto 825TKLs also feature articulated rollers that make navigating rough terrain easy.

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Wacker Neuson Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Wacker Neuson offers a lineup of mini skid steer loaders they refer to as “utility” track loaders. You choose from four different models ranging from SM60 with a 601.9 lb rated operating capacity all the way up to the SM120 utility track loader that’s rated for 1,225.8 lbs of operating capacity. They’re hard to miss with their bright yellow shells, Wacker Neuson utility skid steer loaders highlight operator comfort and industry-leading safety.

Wacker Neuson SM120

Wacker Neuson’s 1,000 lb rated mini skid loader is the SM120. It is rated for 1,225 lbs of operating capacity and is available in a base model and in a “productivity package” that includes extra wide tracks, quick function changes, upgraded operator comfort features, and ride control that reduces material spillage. 

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KRT Equipment Mini Skid Steer Loaders

KRT Equipment is based in Miami, FL. KRT makes two sizes of mini skid steer loaders in four different models. Basically, you choose between a 650 or a 900-sized KRT and then whether you want your model to have wheels or tracks. That’s how they have two sizes but four different models. The S650 and ST650 can lift up to 500 lbs and the S900 and ST900 are rated for 1,102 lbs of operating capacity.

KRT S900 & ST900

KRT offers two mini skid steer models that are rated for 1,102 lbs of operating capacity, the S900 and the ST900. One model is a mini wheel loader and the other is a mini track loader. As you might have guessed the ST900 is the track loader version and the S900 is the wheel loader version. It’s nice to see a company offering options for those who prefer a wheel loader and those who prefer a track loader.

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Canadian Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Up to this point, we’ve been breaking down the details about American-made mini skid steers and now we’re going to transition to Canadian-made mini skid loaders. Canada lays claim to the true original mini skid loader, the Ramrod. Ramrod was brought to the United States and only after that did the Toro company develop the Dingo, the first American-made skid steer loader. So, let’s check out two of the most notable Canadian mini-loaders.

Ramrod Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Ramrod was the company that introduced the mini skid steer loader to North America in 1980. They offer a wide range of attachments for their mini skid loaders and boast 40 years of innovation and improvement. With 70 different Ramrod-specific attachments to choose from they can be a quite versatile investment when it comes to mini skid steers.

Ramrod offers a number of mini skid loaders as well as articulated loaders comparable to Cast loaders or Avant loaders. It seems like several of Ramrod’s mini skid steer loaders are rated for 1,000 lbs of operating capacity. If you’re considering a Ramrod skid steer it may be best to research on their website yourself to determine which unit would be meet your specific needs. (Pictured is a Ramrod 1330 mini skid loader.)

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Baumalight Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Baumalight are Canadian-made mini skid steer loaders. They come standard with the universal mini skid steer loader quick attach plate that is compatible with Toro Dingo, Ditch Witch, Vermeer, Ramrod, and other mini loader brands. It’s interesting to note that some manufacturers don’t have this information listed right up front. We thought it was nice that Baumalight does list this for any interested customer to know right away. You can get wheel loader or track loader versions of their mini skid steers and they all look pretty beefy.

BaumaLight TL620D/TLR620Y

Both of BaumaLight’s tracked mini skid steers the TRL620D and TRL620Y. The “D” model has a Kubota Diesel engine and the “Y” model has a Yanmar Diesel engine. Both units are rated at 1,290 lbs of operating capacity. The other unit they offer is a wheeled mini skid loader the WRL58G which is rated for 600 lbs of operating capacity. 

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How much does a mini skid steer weigh?

Size plays a big factor when answering the question of how much does a mini skid steer weigh. Because there are so many sizes and options for mini skid steer loaders there isn’t one perfect answer to this question. To answer it we’re going to take the average weight of all the brands in this blog that have loaders with a capacity of around 1,000 lbs of operating weight, add them all together, and divide by ten to get the average weight of a mini skid steer.

  • Toro Dingo TX1000: 2,790 lbs
  • Ditch Witch SK1050: 3,435 lbs
  • Bobcat MT100: 3,390 lbs
  • Vermeer CTX100: 3,400 lbs
  • Kubota SCL1000: 3,035 lbs
  • Barreto 825TKL: 2,950 lbs
  • Wacker Neuson SM120: 3,754 lbs
  • KRT ST900: 3,527 lbs
  • Ramrod 1350 Pro Series: 2,575 lbs
  • BaumaLight TL620D: 2,930 lbs 

Adding all the individual mini skid steer weights up and dividing them by ten we get an average mini skid steer weight of 3,178 lbs. You can see from the list of weights we’ve provided that the mini skid steer loader's weight can range somewhat significantly. The weights were all pulled from the respective manufacturer’s websites. 


How To Choose The Right Mini Skid Loader

How do you choose the right mini skid loader for your operation or business? By now you realize how many different mini skid steer options are out there and we’ve only touched on 10 of the most popular mini loaders. There are a number of key factors that you can consider to help you choose the right mini skid loader for you. 

  • Rated Operating Capacity (How much can it lift)
  • Mini Skid Loader Width
  • Mini Skid Loader Weight (How heavy is the unit)
  • Hydraulic Flow Rate (Gallons Per Minute - GPM of available hydraulic flow to operate attachments)
  • Overall Horse Power
  • Wheels vs Tracks (Do you want a wheel loader or a track loader)
  • Hinge Pin Height or Lift Height (How high can the mini loader lift) 

We hope you've found this Top 10 Mini Skid Steer Loader Guide helpful! There are a lot of great mini-loader options out there. While trying to figure out how to choose the right mini skid loader for you it's best to define how you plan to use your mini loader and then find options that match up with those needs. You might benefit from renting a few different types of mini skid loaders to see which control configuration and operation you like the most.

If you're curious about the best rock rake attachment for skid steers then check out our blog 11 Best Rock Rakes For Skid Steers.

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