Enjoy An Efficient Landscape
Rake for your Bobcat

Landscape Rakes for Bobcat Skid Steers & Equipment

  • Easy to use & maintain

  • 1-year warranty

  • Made in Lancaster County, PA

  • Easy to use & maintain

  • 1-year warranty

  • Made in Lancaster County, PA

Are you looking for a Bobcat landscape rake with high value & quality?

• Made in Lancaster County, PA
• Easier & more efficient to use
• 2" to 8" Rock Removal
• Lower maintenance with a 1-year warranty

It’s time to get a landscape rake for your Bobcat machine made for long-term durability and use while offering maximum operator efficiency.

Whether you have a Bobcat skid steer, a mini Bobcat MT100 stand-on skid steer, or something else like a Bobcat UW56 our Rockaway rock rakes work great with Bobcat equipment.

It’s time you used a Rockaway Landscape Rake Attachment!

The Bobcat
Landscape Rake
That Gets The Job

The Bobcat Landscape Rake That Gets The Job

Easy Attachment

We offer quick-attach or custom mounting options for fast attachment and removal.

Rock Removal & Soil Screening

Experience efficient rock removal and soil prep with the same skid steer attachment.

Low Profile Design

Have clear visual access from the driver’s seat with the low profile design.

Cost Effective

The Rockaway is  affordable and saves hours of manual labor.

Low Maintenance

The Rockaway uses a heavy-duty frame and comes with a 1-year warranty.

"The Rockaway unit has saved us so many man-hours in labor it paid for itself in 3 months. We
will be adding another one to our fleet this year."

Bill M.
Denver, CO

Getting Your Landscape Rake Is Simple

  • 1

    A Quote

    We make sure your skid steer and machine have enough power and hydraulic flow to handle the Rockaway you want.

  • 2

    Your Order

    Once your purchase is completed, we start building your Rockaway.  If you order one in stock, we ship it in several business days.

  • 3

    Enjoy Easy & Efficient Soil Prep!

     You’ll love getting landscape and seed beds ready for planting!

Landscape Rake Models Available for Bobcats

Why work with Rockaway

Why work with Rockaway

  • Customer Service

    We make sure every customer is completely satisfied with their Rockaway and any questions or concerns they might have.

  • 1-Year Warranty

    Have peace of mind with your Rockaway backed with a 1-year warranty on any parts or problems.

  • American-Made

     All our materials and labor is done in Lancaster County, PA, to ensure you have the best product available.

Are you ready for the perfect landscape rake attachment for your Bobcat?

If your work involves prepping ground for planting, you know what backbreaking work it is to do it all by hand. It’s a dirty, hot, unpleasant job to say the least! 

That is why Ideal Rockaway manufactures rock rakes that attach to your skid steer and save you all that backbreaking work. Instead of sweating it out on the ground, you can sit comfortably in your skid steer cab! 

If you want to know more about our rock rakes for Bobcat skid steers, contact us today! 

Our rock rakes work well with various types of skid steers, including the Bobcat brand.

Bobcat has been one of the pioneers of skid steer development for over 60 years, and has been making quality machines ever since. It all began when two blacksmith brothers turned inventors created a small, three-wheeled loader for cleaning turkey barns. 

The company has grown since then! Today they have a 12-model lineup of skid steers, including a variety of different designs. Compact Equipment.com says this about the newest line of skid steers Bobcat offers: 

In fall 2016, Bobcat introduced its newest generation of skid steer loaders — the M2-Series. M2-Series skid steer loaders offer a variety of performance, operator comfort and visibility enhancements to help increase productivity and provide enhanced uptime protection. The M2-Series lineup includes Bobcat 400-, 500-, 600-, 700- and 800-frame-size skid steer loaders.

Features of the new M2-Series skid steer loaders include enhanced automatic ride control. When set to auto, automatic ride control will automatically turn on and off based on the hydraulic pressure in the lift circuit. This provides the benefits of ride control when it is needed in applications such as material moving, and it automatically shuts off when it’s not needed in applications such as grading. Automatic ride control reduces material spillage, allowing you to travel at faster speeds for increased productivity.

With the different models of Bobcat skid steers, you should definitely be able to find one that fits your needs! 

If you want a rock rake compatible with your Bobcat skid steer, look no further than Ideal Rockaway. Our rock rakes pair perfectly with Bobcat skid steers–just make sure you have the right rock rake for your model of skid steer. 

Contact Ideal Rockaway for more information–we look forward to hearing from you!