Enjoy An Efficient Landscape
Rake for your John Deere

Landscape Rakes for John Deere Skid Steers & Equipment

  • Easy to use & maintain

  • 1-year warranty

  • Made in Lancaster County, PA

  • Easy to use & maintain

  • 1-year warranty

  • Made in Lancaster County, PA

Are you looking for a John Deere landscape rake with high value & quality?

• Made in Lancaster County, PA
• Easier & more efficient to use
• Low profile design for better visibility
• Lower maintenance with a 1-year warranty

It’s time you had a landscape rake for your John Deere made for long-term durability and use while offering maximum operator efficiency.

It’s time you used a Rockaway Landscape Rake Attachment!

The John Deere
Landscape Rake
That Gets The Job

The John Deere Landscape Rake That Gets The Job

Easy Attachment

We offer quick-attach or custom mounting options for fast attachment and removal.

Rock Removal & Soil Screening

Experience efficient rock removal and soil prep with the same skid steer attachment.

Low Profile Design

Have clear visual access from the driver’s seat with the low profile design.

Cost Effective

The Rockaway is  affordable and saves hours of manual labor.

Low Maintenance

The Rockaway uses a heavy-duty frame and comes with a 1-year warranty.

"The Rockaway unit has saved us so many man-hours in labor it paid for itself in 3 months. We
will be adding another one to our fleet this year."

Bill M.
Denver, CO

Getting Your Landscape Rake Is Simple

  • 1

    A Quote

    We make sure your skid steer and machine have enough power and hydraulic flow to handle the Rockaway you want.

  • 2

    Your Order

    Once your purchase is completed, we start building your Rockaway.  If you order one in stock, we ship it in several business days.

  • 3

    Enjoy Easy & Efficient Soil Prep!

     You’ll love getting landscape and seed beds ready for planting!

Landscape Rake Models Available for John Deere

Why work with Rockaway

Why work with Rockaway

  • Customer Service

    We make sure every customer is completely satisfied with their Rockaway and any questions or concerns they might have.

  • 1-Year Warranty

    Have peace of mind with your Rockaway backed with a 1-year warranty on any parts or problems.

  • American-Made

     All our materials and labor is done in Lancaster County, PA, to ensure you have the best product available.

Are you ready for the perfect rake attachment for your John Deere skid steer?

If you run a landscaping business, farm, or other business that takes a lot of soil prep, you know how backbreaking and time-consuming it is to do all the work by hand. 

That is why Ideal Rockaway manufactures tools that make so you don’t have to do it all by hand! 

We manufacture rock rakes that attach to John Deere skid steers and help you get your soil prepped easily and efficiently. They have saved numerous crews countless hours already!

If you would like to check into getting a rock rake for your John Deere skid steer, contact us today! 

These rock rakes work wonderfully with John Deere skid steers. And as the John Deere website states: 

Whether you’re acquiring your first machine or adding to a fleet, there’s a John Deere Skid Steer that’s all-in for you…Need a machine that’s also easy to trailer? Explore the small frame skid steers with convenient front and rear tie-downs. Looking for more power, stability and increased lift height? Check out our mid- or large-frame skid steers.

Add one of our skid steer attachments to maximize your versatility in preparing sites and moving landscaping materials such as mulch, rock, and dirt. Take care of farm chores like hauling hay, cleaning pens, or rebedding stalls. With more than 100 attachment models, you’ve got plenty of help.

Owned by Baxter Ross, the John Deere company also manufactures many other types of agricultural, forestry, and lawn care equipment. It’s iconic leaping deer symbol is known by most people the world round! 

If you are looking for a certain type of skid steer, you are likely to find a John Deere model that fits the bill. As one article on the John Deere news site states: 

The John Deere skid steer family runs deep with various models and series debuting over the last 50 years, beginning with the JD24 in 1970, then a second Industrial Model 14 skid steer, and two agricultural skid steer models 70/170 (1975), the 60/90/125 (1979), 75-Series (1987), 75-Series II (1994), 200 Series (1998), 200 Series II (2001), 300 Series skid steers and compact track loaders (2004), D-Series skid steers and compact track loaders (2009), E-Series skid steers and compact track loaders (2013), and the latest, G-Series skid steers and compact track loader models (2016/2018).

And if you are looking for a rock rake compatible with your John Deere skid steer, look no further than Ideal Rockaway! Our rock rakes work beautifully with John Deere skids steers–just make sure you have the right model for your skid steer. 

Contact us today to find out more about our rock rakes for your John Deere skid steer!