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Rockaway Hydraulic Rock Rakes: 3 Sizes

Ideal Rockaway manufactures 3 sizes of hydraulic rock rakes for skid steers and tractors. Rockway landscape rakes are designed to be some of the most durable and reliable rock rakes that operate on hydraulic motors on the market today. 

All it takes to use any size Rockaway is 10 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow. Every Rockaway model comes equipped with its own set of hydraulic lines that are already attached. All you have to do is connect those lines to your quick attach and you’re ready to go.

44” Hydraulic Rock Rake For Sale

If you’re looking for a small, 44” wide hydraulic rock rake for your skid steer or tractor then you want to get a 4415 Super Duty from Ideal Rockaway. The 4415 is the mini skid steer landscaping rock rake from Ideal Rockaway. 

This 44” rock rake is designed to be used with stand-on skid steers like the Toro Dingo TX 1000 or the Bobcat MT 100. We make custom attachments to fit different models so no matter what brand you’re running you can use a Rockaway landscape rake.


74” Hydraulic Rock Rake For Sale

The 7415 Super Duty is Ideal Rockaway’s 74” wide hydraulic rock rake. This is our standard-size model landscape rake. The hydraulic 7415 works great for most mid-sized wheel loaders and some smaller track loaders. You want your hydraulic rock rake to be wide enough to cover your tracks while operating, this saves you time so you don’t have to do any hand-raking to finish the ground you’re working on. The 7415 offers 100 cubic feet of rock and debris collection before you have to stop working to dump your bucket.


84” Hydraulic Rock Rake For Sale

The 8415 Super Duty is our large hydraulic rock rake for skid steers and tractors. At 84” wide, the 8415 will cover most track loader tracks and most wheel loader tracks. As a large hydraulic rock rake, the 8415 is perfect for maximizing the amount of work you can get done with each pass of the landscape rake. The 8415 offers 120 cubic feet of rock and debris collection which means you can operate for a while before having to pause to dump. You’ll spend more time getting work done with this hydraulic rock rake.


How Does A Hydraulic Rock Rake Work?

Rockaway hydraulic rock rakes are very simple in design compared to some other landscaping rock rakes available on the market. These hydraulic landscape rakes have one large rotor equipped with 2 sets of hardox steel teeth arranged in a spiraled pattern. The spiral pattern of the teeth draws rocks and debris toward the center of your bucket instead of out to the sides of your attachment’s footprint. This prevents the rocks and other things you’re trying to remove from spilling out to the sides and keeps everything going into your bucket where you want it to go.


Why Choose A Hydraulic Rock Rake From Ideal Rockaway?

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing a hydraulic rock rake for landscaping, excavating, land management, leveling, or grading. So, why should you choose a hydraulic Rockaway rock rake

Hydraulic rock rakes from Ideal Rockaway are more reliable and low maintenance than a lot of other landscape rake brands. They come equipped with the two hydraulic lines you need to operate, they only have one strong rotor with durable hardox steel teeth, and the only grease points are the single bearings on either end of the rotor. 

Rockaway hydraulic landscaping rakes are low-profile attachments that make visibility easier for your operators than the bigger, bulkier rock rake attachments from other companies. You will spend less time troubleshooting and fixing problems because Rockaways only have one #80 chain that drives the rotor. They hold up really well over time and you won’t have complicated maintenance problems with a hydraulic rock rake from Ideal Rockaway.


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