Toughest Rock Removal Landscaping Attachments

Remove 2" To 8" Rocks And Debris Every Time

Dirt Monkey Tested & Approved!

The Dirt Monkey himself TESTED and APPROVED our Rockaway landscape rakes!

Watch his full 25-minute review right here.

It pulled out rocks, branches, trash, and junk from his soil and was ready for sod without any raking!

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Durable Design sets Ideal Rockaway's rock rakes apart from the competition. One rotor and one beefy #80 chain make for a durable design with few moving parts that could break on the job site.

Rugged Construction makes Rockaways some of the toughest landscaping rock rakes on the market today. Reinforced steel skeleton, push bar on the front of the hood, and Hardox Steel rotor teeth are just a few examples of the rugged construction of Rockaways.

Reliable Performance makes Rockaways the rock removal attachment you can trust over and over. With only one #80 chain and one rotor, there are very few things that can or will go wrong with your Rockaway. You can trust that every time you put it in the dirt it's going to work.

Hardox Steel Teeth Make Rock & Debris Removal Easy


The Spiral Pattern Of The Teeth Kick Rocks & Debris To The Center Of Your Bucket

Superior Rock Rake Design: 3 Available Sizes

3.5ft Wide Rockaway Landscape Rake - 4415

4415 Mini Landscape Rock Rake

  • 41 Hardox Steel Teeth On The Rotor
  • 44" Wide Working Width (3.5ft)
  • 10 GPM Flow Minimum Required
  • 70 Cubic Feet Bucket Capacity
  • 1,000lbs Skid Steer Operating Capacity Required

6ft Wide Rockaway Landscape Rake - 7415

7415 Skid Steer Rock Rake

  • 69 Hardox Steel Teeth On The Rotor
  • 74" Wide Working Width (6ft)
  • 10 GPM Flow Minimum Required
  • 100 Cubic Feet Bucket Capacity
  • 1,200lbs Skid Steer Operating Capacity Required

7ft Wide Rockaway Landscape Rake - 8415

8415 Large Landscape Rock Rake

  • 81 Hardox Steel Teeth On The Rotor
  • 84" Wide Working Width (7ft)
  • 10 GPM Flow Minimum Required
  • 120 Cubic Feet Bucket Capacity
  • 1,350lbs Skid Steer Operating Capacity Required

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Bucket Included In The Price?

    Yes! All Rockaways come with the bucket as part of the skid steer attachment.

  • What Happens If A Tooth Breaks?

    Eventually, a Rockaway tooth may break off but that's okay because we can send you replacement kits and you can easily weld new ones on.

  • What Size Rocks Get Removed?

    All Rockaways pull out 2" to 8" rocks every time. Sometimes you may get some smaller than 2" but that's not a guarantee.

  • Can I Finance A Rockaway?

    Yes! Financing is available for Rockaways. You can click on FINANCING to go to the financing page and the application only takes 5 minutes.

  • What's The Best Reason To Get A Rockaway?

    Because you don't have one yet and you should have one!